Markets Served

For over 25 years, JB Jordan installations have been performed in numerous higher education campuses, over one hundred public and private K-12 schools, dozens of city, county, and state government offices, and many hospitals, medical offices, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities. 

We help our clients from the beginning to the end of their project by having strong relationships with architectural and design firms, general contractors, and private business owners in our vast territory from the California/Oregon border down to the Monterey Bay.

Some of our services include flooring assessment, concrete testing, flooring selection, subfloor preparation, flooring installation, and ongoing training for flooring maintenance.


Developing communities of knowledge and enrichment is just one of our specialties.
Our clients range from K-12 to community colleges, liberal arts institutions to research universities, business and medical schools. We understand many of these projects will have a tight window for completion, and we strive to help each institution to see its flooring needs are met while allowing it accomplish its academic goals, and maintain a thriving, learning environment.

Healthcare / Senior Living

Healthcare and senior living environments can make for an inherently complex projects, and J.B. Jordan has the expertise to do it correctly.
We work to complete environments that complement and enhance spaces while providing compassionate care. Our project managers understand how to balance the factors of functional efficiency, image, future flexibility, and of course budget that an assisted living or medical facility requires to be successful for it operators, patients, and residents alike.


Government facilities, whether they be at the local, county, state or federal level, are often public locations, which are constantly exposed to heavy foot traffic and continual wear and tear.  J.B. Jordan understands the issues with government construction and its procurement process. We are committed to installing the right flooring unique to a building’s purpose and requirements. Whether the facility is open to the public or if it is a sensitive location that requires security clearance, J.B. Jordan will deliver the services to meet your building’s needs.


Your workplace represents your company to your clients and employees alike. Make certain you are sending the right message.
Whether an open office, high tech, traditional office, or company headquarters, J.B. Jordan has set the standard for office flooring installation. Our project managers are fully capable of assisting our clients in the planning and design process. J.B. Jordan delivers completed projects on time, on budget, with service and integrity.


From casual to fine dining establishments our experienced team knows how to balance esthetics and workflow to create efficient and attractive restaurants.

As a project progresses, we work closely with all other contributors to bring the entire project together, taking into account any unique challenges to produce efficient and safe workspaces for the staff, and the platform for an excellent dining experience for the customer.